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Patras/Greece Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Release Party


This will be a social event to meet other Fedora users and people curious about Fedora from Patras and Greece in general, and check out the cool features of the new Fedora 9 release (due out on May 13, 2008). It will also serve as an opportunity for people to find out what Fedora and free software in general is all about and ask questions of people already involved in the community.


Saturday, May 17th 2008, 6:00 PM.


Cinema cafe, Gerokostopoulou street, Patras. More info:


  • Installation media (CD/USB) should be available to those that would like to get Fedora or upgrade to Fedora 9.
  • A presentation of the new features, discussion.
  • GPG Keysigning
  • Socializing with other Fedora enthusiasts.
  • ...


DimitrisGlezos, ChristosTrochalakis, Patras Linux User Group.


Expecting ~15-20 people.

Banners, posters, etc.

File:FedoraEvents ReleaseParty F9 Patras f9-release-party-poster-en.png

Greek version:

File:FedoraEvents ReleaseParty F9 Patras f9-release-party-poster.png

See the Attachments page for the source SVG.