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Release Announcements

An important part of a Fedora release is its announcement. The release team composes a release announcement sent on the day of the release.

Each local team is encouraged to write its own announcement in a way that makes the most sense for the local community. This is a namespace where regional and/or language-specific groups can work on their truly localized version of the release announcement for Fedora.

An important part of this is writing up the talking points . Refer also to Releases/Announcements/TalkingPoints , a page that explains more about how to use the talking points.

Past Release Announcements

(And now you know why we don't let Bill write them anymore!)


1. A small committee of Fedora writers, marketeers, and technical leaders draft and approve a final list of talking points . 1. A template is produced using structured text in plain ASCII. It includes a block at the top for the local content, then a complete amount of standard boilerplate.

  • To use the template, copy the content from the template page and paste in to a plain text editor so it removes all formatting from the HTML/wiki.

1. Any local group wanting to write a native-language Fedora release announcement needs to form a group of 2 or more collaborators. 1. Drafts can be worked on here on the Wiki , via direct email, or whatever method the collaborators choose. 1. The draft must be reviewed and approved by an independent reader of that language.

  • This needs to be someone from outside of the collaboration circle that wrote the draft
  • Any Fedora contributor who reads the language is an eligible editor.

1. Formal announcements are sent out to fedora-announce, fedora-list (either the main list or a language-specific one), via blogs, and into various support channels (#fedora,, et al, etc.), either international or local ones.

F9 Announcements Schedule

7 May Talking points ready
9 May First drafts of all release announcements
11 May Final English release announcement ready
12 May All release announcements ready
13 May Release the announcements!