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  1. What's new in Fedora 10 -- Overview
  2. What is new for installation and live images -- important installer notes, live image instruction sets, pointers to more docs
  3. What's the latest on the desktop -- *all* GUI applications, l10n, a11y
    1. How has software installing and updating improved -- Add/Remove Software
    2. Do you browse the web, read email, and create/edit office documents?
    3. What is to celebrate for musicians, artists, and other creative types?
    4. What is the new stuff for gamers, scientists, and hobbyists?
    5. Power users get what new features and fixes?
  4. How are things for developers -- devel tools, -devel package changes, i18n
  5. What do system administrators care about -- services, daemons, non-devel CLI
    1. Are there cool new security features - SELinux, firewall, hashes, new signing key details
  6. What are the nuts and bolts of hardware support -- arch-specific notes,
  7. Are there hideous bugs and terrible tigers? -- known issues, link to up-to-date bug page
  8. Legal stuff and adminstrivia