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Release Notes

We are looking for help to push out an update to the release notes for Fedora 7. This is an update to the fedora-release-notes package, so it includes updates to the release notes, browers homepage, about Fedora, etc.



1. Look at each of the pages on Docs/Beats , click on the Info link, and notice if the page has been changed since 30 May 2007. If yes, the difference in the content (the diff) needs to be merged into the XML. Great task for someone new to XML Ask on list for more details of how. Take this task 1. Once all changes are in the XML in CVS, confirm that the document builds correctly, then make new POT files available for translation. Take this task 1. Work with PaulFrields to learn how to push a new version of fedora-release-notes. Take this task 1. Translation schedule needs to be informated via fedora-trans-list that the content is ready for translation. Coordinate with DimitrisGlezos to get the content available via Take this task 1. Organize some splash around the release notes being available in he new WebUI, and that all translations new and old go into a package update. Aside from these being available for regular updating via yum}, they also get picked up for new spins. Take this task