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This page describes the process followed by the Marketing team to make a Release slogan for a Fedora release. If you have suggestions on how to improve these instructions, please edit the page!


Create the release slogan page

Create a new wiki page for the slogan of the current release called F32 release slogan.

  1. Edit the page, and add only this line:
  2. Save the page.
  3. Edit the page again, read the comments found inside the <!-- --> marks, and follow their instructions.
  4. Save the page again.

Create redirects to the F32 release slogan page from commonly mistyped pages and variants on capitalization, such as:

Prepopulate the release slogan page

Get a few people to help you contribute some starter sample ideas to the release slogans page to give people inspiration for getting started. The ideas don't have to be great - they just need to exist. This should only take a few minutes, and is easily done by popping on IRC (perhaps in #fedora-mktg) and asking those who are around if they have any ideas.

Announce a call for release slogan ideas

When you feel the page is ready, announce it to the Fedora community and solicit feedback. We suggest the following publication outlets.

FIXME -- is this the right list of mailing lists?

Email Template

We need a slogan for the F32 release. It will be chosen one week from now on ______. A release slogan is a short call-to-action that fits the artwork theme from Design, found at (F31's slogan was ".")

If you are interested in suggesting ideas for the release slogan, please take a look at the Release Slogan SOP, and the criteria for selection, at The slogan must be:

  • short (1-3 words)
  • a call to action
  • positive

It should reinforce that Fedora helps the user achieve something great. It should also reflect some of ideas and themes found in the release artwork, and, if possible, also touch upon the Four Foundations (

Please put your slogan ideas here:

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 3/2 at 20:00 UTC, which is our next Marketing meeting ( We'll be discussing submissions there, and then the FPL, Mo Duffy, and the Marketing team lead will take that input and select the final slogan on ______. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns -- and let the wiki table know if you have any ideas!

Choose a release slogan

The release slogan is chosen by the FPL in cooperation with the Marketing team lead and the Design team lead. Consideration is given to the criteria shown above. Localization issues should be acknowledged, but because slogans are inherently linked to language idioms, it may not be possible for the slogan to be equally effective in every language, and preference is given to the Fedora Project's lingua franca.

Announce the release slogan

After the slogan is chosen, announce it to the lists on which the idea-gathering phase was announced.

Coordinate with Websites team

Send an email to the websites list to notify the Websites team of the slogan. File a ticket in the fedora-web issue tracker to have the slogan added to the next release of the Fedora Project website.