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Fedora 13 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 13 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
90% Anaconda Storage Filtering Final pieces of Anaconda storage rewrite 2010-01-26
100% Automatic Print Driver Installation Packages like gutenprint-cups, hpijs, and pbm2l2030 should be installed on-demand when hardware requiring those drivers is detected 2010-02-17
100% Better Webcam Support More webcams supported out of the box with a special focus on dual mode cameras 2010-02-21
100% Use very small images (iso, floppy, disk) to bootstrap a machine that then contacts a remote server for boot information to continue the installation process 2010-01-22
80% Desktop Live Image size Target the default Desktop Live image for a 1 GB USB or DVD, allowing for a more robust application stack in many supported languages 2010-02-17
100% Boost 1.41 Uplift This feature brings version 1.41.0 of Boost to Fedora 13, together with Boost.MPI. As a side effect, Boost will be built with CMake (instead of BJam) 2010-02-03
100% Dogtag Certificate System Dogtag Certificate System is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA) supporting all aspects of certificate lifecycle management including key archival, OCSP and smartcard management 2010-02-04
92% ColorManagement GNOME Color Manager is a session framework that makes it easy to manage, install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop 2010-02-12
95% Easier Python Debugging The gdb debugger has been extended so that it can report detailed information on the internals of the Python 2 and Python 3 runtimes 2010-02-09
90% Gnome 2.30 Include Gnome 2.30 2010-02-10
100% Implicit DSO Linking Change ld default to --no-add-needed 2010-02-09
91% IntelliJ IDEA Add Community IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition packages and their dependencies into repositories 2010-02-15
100% KDE44 Rebase to KDE 4.4 and offers new features such as PolicyKit 1 KAuth backend and improved PulseAudio integration 2010-01-21
100% KDE PolicyKit One Qt This feature adds PolicyKit One support to Qt/KDE applications and the KDE desktop 2010-01-28
100% KDE PulseAudio Integration Fedora 13 features improved PulseAudio integration in KDE's Phonon and KMix 2010-01-21
100% KVM Stable PCI Addresses Allow devices in KVM guest virtual machines to retain the same PCI address allocations as other devices are added or removed from the guest configuration 2010-01-26
90% Moblin-2.2 Update Moblin support in Fedora to Moblin 2.2 Netbook Environment 2010-02-08
90% Modprobe Whitelist Add a whitelist of allowed modules and commands to modprobe, to allow the system administrator to limit the amount of (potentially vulnerable) code that can run in the kernel 2010-01-26
95% MultipathInstall Correctly identify and set up multipath devices for use as installation targets 2010-02-09
100% NetBeans_6.8 Re-base to the NetBeans 6.8 2010-02-16
100% NetworkManager Bluetooth DUN NetworkManager now supports easy-to-use Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) support 2010-02-15
100% NetworkManager Command Line Control NetworkManager without a GUI 2010-02-16
100% NetworkManager Mobile Status The NetworkManager applet shows the current signal strength, cellular technology (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA or 1x/EVDO etc), and roaming status while connected for cards where this functionality is supported 2010-02-16
100% NFSv4 Default Change the default NFS protocol to version 4 2010-01-18
100% NFS Client IPv6 Support for mounting NFS servers over IPv6 2010-01-18
100% Nouveau DisplayPort Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for NVIDIA hardware 2010-03-15
70% Python 3 A packaged version of python 3 that installs in parallel with the Python 2 stack 2010-02-03
100% Radeon DisplayPort Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for Radeon hardware 2010-01-18
100% RPM4.8 Update to RPM 4.8 2010-01-08
100% SIP Witch Domain Telephony This feature enables an entirely free software alternative to Skype using standard IETF protocols along with support for direct peer-to-peer secure communications such as possible with ZRTP capable softphones and without need for a mitigating "service provider" 2010-02-07
100% SSSD By Default Include SSSD the default set of base Fedora 13 packages and configure it through authconfig,and firstboot 2010-02-05
80% System Rollback
With Btrfs
Allow automatic and manual disk partition backups 2010-01-15
99% Systemtap Static Probes Systemtap allows event tracing of programs when they have static probes inserted 2010-02-22
99% Sugar_0.88 Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment, as well as an enhanced activity set, which can be used as a choice in the login screen and possibly a live spin 2010-03-12
100% Udisks Improvements Add support for LVM (and various other improvements) to the udisks and gnome-disk-utility stack 2010-02-15
100% Upstart0.6.0 Move to the the lastest supported version of Upstart 2009-12-03
75% User Account Dialog A new user account dialog tool to create new users and edit user-related information in single-user systems or small deployments. 2010-02-18
100% VHostNet Enable kernel acceleration for kvm networking 2010-01-26
90% Virtx2apic x2apic is an x86 feature that improves performance, especially on large systems. Virt x2apic is a port of this feature for KVM, improving guest performance, especially for guests with many virtual processors 2010-01-26
100% Virtio-Serial Expose multiple ports to the guest in the form of simple char devices for simple IO between the guest and host userspaces 2010-02-08
85% Yum Language Package Plugin A yum plugin that allows langpacks to be automatically installed for your native language when base packages with langpacks get installed 2010-01-27
100% Zarafa Zarafa Outlook Sharing is a Microsoft Exchange replacement 2010-03-19

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