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Fedora 15 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 15 Release.


 % Complete Name Summary Updated
0% LZMA For Live Images Enabling LZMA for compression to allow us ship more software on our live images 2010-10-11
10% Remove All Setuid apps from distribution Replace setuid applications with File Capabilities in order to make them more secure 2010-10-26
50% Setroubleshoot GUI Redesign Redesign setroubleshoot to bring back all possible solutions, and simplify descriptions. 2010-09-03
100% systemd systemd is a replacement for SysVinit and Upstart that acts as a system and session manager 2010-10-19
20% var-run-tmpfs /var/run and /var/lock should be mounted as tmpfs 2010-09-15
0% OCaml 3.12 OCaml 3.12 is a major new release of the OCaml language and compiler 2010-11-04

Fedora 15 Spins

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