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Fedora 16 Schedule
This is the release schedule for Fedora 16. Other schedules are maintained for historical purposes at this page.
This page is a DRAFT, is half-done, unofficial, and does not represent the final Fedora 16 schedule.
Basically, some individual contributors who wondered about rough future dates put up a copy of the Fedora 14 Schedule and made a few date adjustments for their guesses on when things might happen, based on past years - no official discussions or decisions have been made about the schedule for F16. Check back in mid-May 2011, when the the actual schedule discussions and decisions will be made.


Key Features

This page does not exist yet.
The F16 planning schedule has not been set - this is simply a placeholder to link to the actual page once it comes.

Key Milestones

These dates are rough guesses.
They're based on the Fedora 14 Schedule re-aligned to the "correct" days of the week for 2011, and most of the links are broken - the actual Fedora 16 schedule hasn't yet been set, so when it is, these dates are almost certainly going to change!
2011-05-24 Fedora 15 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2011-07-12 Feature Submission Deadline
2011-07-26 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2011-07-26 Branch Fedora 16 from Rawhide-- Branch Freeze
2011-08-02 Software String Freeze
2011-08-02 Alpha Change Deadline
2011-08-16 Alpha Release
2011-08-30 Software Translation Deadline
2011-09-06 Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2011-09-20 Beta Release
2011-10-10 Final Change Deadline
2011-10-11 Compose Release Candidate
2011-10-25 Fedora 16 Final Release

Time of Release
Historically Test and General Availability releases happen at 10:00am Eastern US Time, which is either 1500UTC or 1400UTC depending on daylight savings in the United States. See Releases/Schedule for more information about scheduling methodology and schedule milestone definitions

Detailed Schedules

These are Fedora 14 links.
Once these pages are actually generated for Fedora 16, this section will have to be edited.

Upstream Project Schedules

These are Fedora 14 links.
All of these release schedules for upstreams will have to be researched and the information below updated.

Links to other significant project schedules--useful for seeing how Fedora lines up with them.