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Fedora 18 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 18 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
50% 256 Color Terminals Enable terminal programs to use the enhanced color capabilities of modern terminals by default. I.E. increase their color options from the 8 colors at the top of this picture, to the other 256 displayed. 2012-06-16
30% Active Directory Fedora should be able to be used on an Active Directory domain (or other kerberos realms, such as IPA) out of the box. It should be easy to configure domain logins on a Fedora machine, and then it should be intuitive and uneventful to login with those credentials. 2012-05-25
20% CIM Management WBEM and CIM are two of the DMTF standards for enterprise system management. Fedora already contains implementation of the standard but the existing capabilities are focused more on system monitoring. The standards allow to add methods for system management as well. The goal is to implement new CIM providers and extend the existing ones to enable the basic system management capabilities. The implementation should adhere to the standards to allow for easier interoperability with other CIM/WBEM based applications. The feature is targeting system administrators and experienced users and should lay base ground for future development of enterprise-level management infrastructure for Fedora. 2012-06-07
10% Clojure Addition of Clojure tooling packages to Fedora, including the Leinengen build tool and its configuration to use the system Maven repository, as well as Clojure libraries and frameworks, including Korma and Noir. 2012-06-07
50% Dwarf Compressor Reduce size of *.debug files in debuginfo packages in Fedora 18 using DWARF Compressor dwz. 2012-06-05
0% Boost 1.50 Update Boost to the upstream (latest) 1.50 release. 2012-05-28
90% Fontconfig 2.10 Update fontconfig package to 2.10. 2012-07-06
60% GHC 7.4 Update Fedora Haskell packages to the latest major version 7.4.1 of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. 2012-05-08
25% Initial Experience After installing a new Fedora desktop system there are a few essential things to set up before use, preferably in a simple, easy, and safe way; these enhancements will walk the user through many of these first-time setup steps. Initial-setup will replace the user login screen only for the first boot; we also want to offer a 'tour' of the GNOME 3 desktop at the end of the setup tasks, to help new users find their way in GNOME 3. 2012-05-04
75% KRB5 Credential Cache Move Changes the default location of Kerberos credential cache from living in /tmp/krb5cc_UID_XXXXXX to being /run/user/$USERNAME/krb5cc 2012-06-15
25% KRB5 DIR: Credential Caches Kerberos 1.10 added a new cache storage type, DIR: which allows Kerberos to maintain TGTs for multiple KDCs simultaneously and auto-select between them when negotiating with Kerberized resources. Fedora should switch to using the DIR: cache format over the older FILE: cache format to support accessing mulitple Kerberos realms. 2012-05-01
0% MiniDebugInfo Install minimal debuginfo by default to increase quality of bug reports and allow easier support for profiling and user space tracing. 2012-05-07
30% NetworkManager Hotspots This enhancement to NetworkManager will enable easy-to-use AP-mode for supported hardware, which solves compatibility problems and provides a smoother user experience. 2012-01-24
50% New Installer UI Enhancing the anaconda installer with a new user interface, improving both the end-user experience as well as ease of implementation of new features, particularly new storage technologies, for developers. 2012-05-07
85% Offline Updates using systemd and PackageKit Make updating of system components more reliable by doing it in an minimal, controlled environment. 2012-06-18
0% OpenShift Origin OpenShift Origin is a cloud application platform as a service (PaaS). It is the open-sourced, community-supported version of the OpenShift service. 2012-05-08
100% PCRE 8.30 Upgrade to PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression) library 8.30 or newer. 2012-02-28
95% Perl 5.16 Upgrade to Perl 5.15 as brings a lot of changes. 2012-07-11
80% PowerPC ppc64p7 subarch support We'd like to officially support the new Power7 optimized ppc64p7 subarch in Fedora. 2012-06-27
100% procps-ng Migration from legacy procps tools to procps-ng (next generation procps tools) 2012-03-07
0% Rework Package Groups Reorganize how the distribution is constructed. 2012-02-14
100% RPM 4.10 Update RPM to 4.10 2012-05-24
0% Rails 3.2 Rails 3.2 is the latest version of Ruby on Rails stack. Fedora 17 still contains Rails 3.0, which are rather old from the Rails community point of view. 2012-06-21
50% SELinux Rename Booleans Rename all booleans that currently begin with allow_ to something that is more domain specific. 2012-06-08
50% Storage Management StorageManagement is a collection of storage management tools and libs to manage storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS). 2012-06-26
60% SysV to Systemd Porting from sysVinit init scripts to systemd unit files. 2012-06-05
35% targetd Exposes a remote "storage appliance" interface. It allows volumes to be allocated from a pool, and then exported over iSCSI for use by other hosts. 2012-06-19
100% /tmp on tmpfs Mount a tmpfs on /tmp by default. (Administrators can override this.) 2012-04-02
20% Usermode Migration Access control of privileged operations for ordinary users should be handled exclusively by a centrally managed authority. Usermode/consolehelper should be phased out and be replaced entirely by PolicyKit. 2012-04-03
100% Xfce 4.10 Updates the Fedora Xfce desktop to version 4.10. This release incorporates major changes to the core of the Xfce desktop environment, and includes numerous bugfixes and improvements. 2012-05-04

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