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Fedora 19 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 19 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
66% Update RPM to 4.11 Update RPM to 4.11 in Fedora 19. 2012-11-12
5% PHP 5.5 To provide the latest PHP stack. Dec 12
83% 3D Printing Bring 3D printing tools to Fedora and allow users of 3D printers, such as RepRap, to be fully satisfied with software in the repositories, without need to download binary blobs or run Python code from git. 2012-12-31
60% Node.js The Node.js JavaScript runtime and associated ecosystem, including the npm package manager. (2013-01-07)
10% Adding NetworkManager Connections via CLI Support for adding new NetworkManager connections using the nmcli commandline tool. 2013-01-08
5% Package Signature Checking During OS Installation One long-standing problem in Fedora is that we don't check package signatures during initial operating system installation. This has been a persistent issue since the very beginning of Fedora (and even in Red Hat Linux before it.) The reason for this has always been that there's no way to form any root of trust for the signatures in the repositories, and thus no reason they wouldn't have been modified along with whatever package would need to be re-signed after tampering. 02-Jan-2013

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