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Características aceptadas para/de Fedora 19

Estas características han sido aceptadas por la Fedora Engineering Steering Committee para la versión próxima versión, Fedora 19.


 % Completado Nombre Resumen Actualizado
66% Actualizar RPM a 4.11 Actualizar RPM a 4.11 en Fedora 19. 2012-11-12
5% PHP 5.5 Facilitar la última pila de PHP. 2012-12-12
83% Impresión en 3D Traer herramientas de impresión en 3D para Fedora y permitir a los usuarios usar impresoras 3D, como RepRap, para estar totalmente satisfecho con este software en los repositorios, sin tener que descargar blobs binarios o correr código Python desde git. 2012-12-31
60% Node.js The Node.js JavaScript runtime and associated ecosystem, including the npm package manager. 2013-01-07
10% Añadiendo conexiones via CLI con NetworkManager Este soporta añadir nuevas conexiones a NetworkManager usando la herramienta de línea de comandos nmcli. 2013-01-08
5% Package Signature Checking During OS Installation One long-standing problem in Fedora is that we don't check package signatures during initial operating system installation. This has been a persistent issue since the very beginning of Fedora (and even in Red Hat Linux before it.) The reason for this has always been that there's no way to form any root of trust for the signatures in the repositories, and thus no reason they wouldn't have been modified along with whatever package would need to be re-signed after tampering. 2013-01-02
40% Enlightenment Integrar Enlightenment en Fedora 2013-01-03
20% Boost 1.53 Esta característica trae Boost 1.53.0 a Fedora 19. 2013-02-10
15% Erlyvideo Añade Erlyvideo video streaming server a los repositorios de Fedora. 2013-01-31
10% BIND 10 BIND10 es la siguiente generación del conocido BIND9 DNS Server reescrito desde 0. La suite de BIND10 incluye ambos DNS y DHCP service servers. 2013-01-08
10% Fix Network Name Resolution IPv4 and IPv6 host/service name resolution doesn't work very well in Fedora. The getaddrinfo() function in glibc returns wrong results in many cases. This feature aims to fix a bunch of name resolution bugs in glibc that prevent applications from fully using name resolution functions without doing a bunch of workaround. 2013-01-16
45% RemovePyXML El objetivo de esta característica es eliminar el paquete PyXML de Fedora. 2013-01-11
60% Ns3 Specfile está publicado para revisarse: 2012-12-29
50% IPA v3 Trust Improvements Multiple Domain Controllers and multiple additional DNS domains managed by FreeIPA can now be accessible via trusting relationship by Active Directory domain members. Additionally, Global Catalog service is provided for use by AD clients, allowing FreeIPA users to be included into access-control lists of AD resources. 2013-01-16
50% Checkpoint Restore Añade soporte para hacer checkpoints y retomar procesos. Los procesos que estén en "checkpoint" se puede usar como tolerancia de fallos y/o balanceo de carga. 2013-01-22
30% Mejorar la integración de AD en SSSD The next major release of SSSD will include support for more advanced AD features for domain members. This includes site support and trusted domains. Additionally it will include a plugin for the cifs-utils package which would allow a CIFS client to use SSSD for lookups which were currently only possible with winbind. 2013-01-23
0% Syslinux como gestor de arranque opcional Esta característica hará que Syslinux sea un gestor de arranque opcional para Fedora, en kickstart y/o como opción oculta en Anaconda. Cuando se use de esta manera,, reemplazará a grub2. 2013-01-07
95% Reemplazo de MySQL por MariaDB MariaDB, es un fork de MySQL desarrollado por la comunidad de MySQL, y será implementada por defecto en Fedora 19. 2013-01-31
0% Java 8 Tech Preview Add a tech preview preview of the the upcoming version of Java (OpenJDK8) to Fedora 19 2013-01-17
80% Scratch Es un entorno educativo que hace más fácil crear juegos, animaciones y arte. Es open source y podría ser un buen componente en/para Fedora. 2013-01-16
50% GCC 4.8 Cambiar el GCC en Fedora 19 a 4.8.x, reconstrucción de todos los paquetes con él. 2013-01-08
90% Ryu Ryu Network Operating System 2013-01-08
50% KScreen Reemplaza el software gestor de pantalla actual de KDE por KScreen. 2012-01-22
25% JRuby 1.7 JRuby is an alternative Ruby implementation with fast growing user base due to its great performance in parallel tasks. Although JRuby 1.6.7 is already in Fedora, this feature brings in new minor version and better Fedora integration. 2013-01-16
70% Guile2 Actualizar GNU Guile a la version 2.0.7 en Fedora 19. 2013-01-21
100% NFStest Provides a set of tools for testing either the NFS client or the NFS server, most of the functionality is focused mainly on testing the client. 2012-11-27
25% Shared System Certificates Make NSS, GnuTLS, OpenSSL and Java share a default source for retrieving system certificate anchors and black list information. This is an initial but useful step in the direction of a comprehensive solution. 2012-12-21
95% Systemd Predictable Network Interface Names The udevd service has a long history of providing predicatable names for block devices and others. For Fedora 19 we'd like to provide the same for network interfaces, following a similar naming scheme, but only as fallback if not other solution such as biosdevname is installed or the administrator manually defined network interface names via udev rules or the old network scripts. 2012-01-29
40% OpenStack Grizzly OpenStack will be upgraded to the next major stable release, called "Grizzly". In addition the new OpenStack "heat" and "ceilometer" incubation projects will be included. 2013-01-17
10% Ruby 2.0.0 Ruby 2.0.0 is the latest stable version of Ruby, with major increases in speed and reliability. With this major update from Ruby 1.9.3 in Fedora 18 to Ruby 2.0 in Fedora 19, alongside JRuby, Fedora becomes the superior Ruby development platform. 2013-01-30
50% MEMSTOMP Include the MEMSTOMP DSOs in Fedora 19 to enable developers to more quickly detect certain library calls which result in undefined behaviour due to overlapping memory arguments. 2013-01-22

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