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Fedora 20 Schedule
This is the release schedule for Fedora 20. Other schedules are maintained for historical purposes on this page.

Key Proposed Changes

Key Milestones

2013-07-02 Fedora 19 Release
2013-07-16 Change Proposals Submission Deadline
2013-08-20 Changes Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
Branch Fedora 20 from Rawhide
2013-09-03 Software String Freeze
Alpha Change Deadline
Alpha Release
Software Translation Deadline
Beta Change Deadline
Accepted Changes 100% Complete
Beta Release
2013-11-26 (*)
Final Change Deadline
2013-12-10 (*)
Fedora 20 Final Release

(*) FESCo approved the request (ticket #1191) to shorten time between Beta and Final Change Deadline by one week to avoid possible holiday's break collision.

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Time of Release
Historically Test and General Availability releases happen at 10:00am Eastern US Time on a Tuesday, which is either 1500UTC or 1400UTC depending on daylight savings in the United States. See Releases/Schedule for more information about scheduling methodology and schedule milestone definitions. Additionally FESCo agreed on Wednesday and Thursday release dates to avoid potential conflicts with important events (holidays etc.) but Tuesday is still preferred option.
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Targeted General Availability Date
Historically Fedora strives to release a new distribution every six months or so, on a Tuesday as close as possible to October 31st and May 1st of each year. With current planning process, based on the scope of the planned release, it could be a bit later. Final schedule is accepted after the Change Proposals Submission Deadline.

Detailed Schedules

Upstream Project Schedules

Links to other significant project schedules--useful for seeing how Fedora aligns with them.

Feel free to add any other significant projects schedules!