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Fedora Core 6 Launch Media Plan

Lead: RahulSundaram. If you want to help in this effort or discuss this, feel free to contact me.
Date Action Details Responsible Status
Aug 13 Fedora Core 6 Web Splash To have a web splash shown in, on FC6 launch period + a few weeks MairinDuffy Template is finished. We need to figure out what major features to highlight in the image.
Aug 13 Release Summary Fedora Core 6 Release Summary similar to the FC5 one RahulSundaram Done. Need to verify the information is complete and accurate before the general release
Aug 13 Release Notes Overview Cleaned up copy of the release summary RahulSundaram Done. Will be in Fedora Core 6 Test 3 ISO. Need to verify again before general release
Aug 13 Red Hat Magazine Articles Fedora Core 6 Review in Red Hat Magazine similar to the one I wrote for FC5 "Inside Fedora Core 5" . Additional articles covering new programs in Fedora Extras RahulSundaram FC6 Overview scheduled for October 2006. Deadline september 15 2006. Preferences for shorter series of articles