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[edit] KVM Virtualization Support

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-03T20:53:50Z)]
  • Owners: DanielBerrange, DanielVeillard
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

[edit] Current status

  • kvm package is included in Fedora repositories (since test1)
  • kvm package is included on main spin (since test2)
  • virt-manager support for kvm works for test4
  • kvm kernel/userspace updated to kvm-19 for test4
  • Things generally looking good here.

[edit] Summary

Add support for KVM to our kernel and virtualization tools.

[edit] Usage cases/rationale

KVM is the current upstream kernel virtualization technology. We should support it.

[edit] Scope

Requires changes to libvirt, virt-manager, and other tools.

[edit] Test Plan

Create KVM domains and use them.

[edit] Dependencies

[edit] Details

Get KVM support, including QEMU, into virt-manager and libvirt. Make it so the same tools can use KVM and Xen. Integrate networking support so the same networking can be used for Xen, KVM, and maybe baremetal.