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(History of Red Hat Linux (Pre-Fedora Period))
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* [[History of Red Hat Linux|Red Hat Linux发行日程历史]]
* [[History of Red Hat Linux|Red Hat Linux发行日程历史]]
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Fedora 版本

Fedora 16 (代号: Verne)

Fedora 15 (代号: Lovelock)

Fedora 14 (代号: Laughlin)

Fedora 13 (代号: Goddard)

Fedora 12 (代号: Constantine)

Fedora 11 (代号: Leonidas)

Fedora 10 (代号: Cambridge)

Fedora 9 (代号: Sulphur)

Fedora 8 (代号: Werewolf)

Fedora 7 (代号: Moonshine)

Fedora Core 6 (代号: Zod)

Fedora Core 5 (代号: Bordeaux)

Fedora Core 4 (代号: Stentz)

Fedora Core 3 (代号: Heidelberg)

Fedora Core 2 (代号: Tettnang)

Fedora Core 1 (代号: Yarrow)

Later on, Red Hat Linux becomes Fedora Project. See the historical announcement.

历史上Red Hat Linux的发行日程(Fedora之前的称呼)