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This page introduces the Fedora Remix, which is a combination of Fedora software, with or without add-ons, that can be created by any community member at any time. A Fedora Remix can be made for specific hardware platforms, or to provide a platform that enables specific interest groups or communities of use.


What is a Fedora Remix?

A Fedora Remix is a combination of Fedora software, with or without third-party software, that any community member can create at any time. You can use a Fedora Remix to:

  • Target a specific hardware platform like a netbook, router, or other device
  • Provide an appropriate combination of software for a specific interest group, like artists, musicians, software developers, educators, craftsmen, et al.
  • Demonstrate a layered product using the Fedora platform as the underlying operating system
  • Build a portable, bootable environment for a classroom
  • Offer promotional materials to customers inside a fully customizable OS
  • Or any of countless other applications...

How do I make one?

You can use the remixing tools that come with Fedora, including:

  • livecd-tools - for creating bootable and installable Live media for CD/DVD/USB
  • pungi - for creating install-only media
  • revisor - a flexible alternative for creating installation media

Most Fedora Remix creators want to use the Live media creation tools, since they create a complete bootable environment ready to distribute to users. To read more about how to use the Live media creation tools, look at How to create and use Fedora Live CD.

Are there legal restrictions?

Laws concerning software differ by region, so the Fedora Project can't advise everyone on how each region works. The tools for creating a Fedora Remix give you everything you need to make a Remix; it's up to you to decide how you want to put the software together.

You can call your product a Fedora Remix without even asking -- just go ahead and do it! We also provide complete guidelines and a logo you can freely use to label your Fedora Remix.

There are trademark restrictions on just using the word "Fedora," or the official Fedora logo for your remix. We reserve the official "Fedora" name and trademarks for the official products we publish straight from the Fedora Project. You may not use these without permission, except as written in our trademark guidelines.

How do I find out more?

You can sign up for the fedora-spins mailing list if you need any help with creating your Fedora Remix.