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Compiz is one of the OpenGL based compositing window managers and is included in Fedora Core 6 onwards. Red Hat has done changes to compiz to enable it to work on top of AIGLX framework. AIGLX is now part of Xorg 7.1 release.

Fedora Core 6

Compiz is installed by default in Fedora Core 6 but Metacity is used as the default window manager in GNOME. To switch to Compiz, select the appropriate options in System => Preferences => Desktop Effects in GNOME. KDE users can run

compiz --replace gconf &
gnome-window-decorator &

Compiz uses AIGLX in Fedora Core 6 and since compositing extension is enabled by default in Xorg now, using compiz is just a single click process on appropriate hardware.

How to use Compiz

We need a feature list and how to use Compiz including key combination

  • Rotate - [Control] +[Alt] +Right Arrow Key or Left Arrow Key
  • 3D Cube - [Control] +[Alt] +Left Mouse Click then Drag the mouse
  • Scale - Move mouse to Top Right Corner or press [Pause] key. Press [Esc] key to go back.
  • Zoom - [Super/Windows] + Right Mouse Click