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Create a spin that provides an out-of-the-box usable robotic simulation environment featuring a linear demo to introduce new users. Additionally we want to add as many robotics related packages to the spin to maximize out-of-the-box usable hardware and software.


Detailed Description

The Fedora Robotics SIG has packaged a lot of robotics related software and consists of upstream programmers from various projects (Fawkes, Player/Stage, RoboCup 3D Soccer Server). We now want to create a spin that includes the software we've packaged, and brings in upstream expertise to create a simulation and demonstration environment to help new users dive into robotics quickly. We also often face the problem of needing a consistent environment to simulate, operate, and develop robots. One such scenario are students that need to write code or operate a robot for a lab course. Recreating the environment on various different Linux systems is often painful and time consuming.

With a LiveDVD we want to address these issues. We want to get new people interested in robotics and provide and easily and readily usable environment.

For the former we plan to come up with a demonstration application, that builds on Fawkes and Player/Stage. In a simulated environment the user is to control a robot in levels of increasing difficulty, advancing from pointing the robot with a mouse to writing small scripts. This demonstration should conclude with pointers to more in-depth documentation of the various available robotics software packages, emphasizing the systems which have been used in the initial demo and where members of the upstream project contribute to Fedora.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora will become more interesting to the emerging robotics community, especially in the scientific and academic sector. Robotics is a hot topic and being able to provide a readily usable environment and introductory material may attract new users.

Kickstart File

Still to be created.

ISO Name / FS Label



The spin itself has no outside dependency. The demo application depends on available developer time, but an alternative without the demonstration application has been outlined above.

The spin has been proposed as Fedora 15 feature.

Scope / Testing

The first step is defining the collection of packages, which will extend the existing desktop LiveCD. Then the demonstration environment is to be created. This effort will be hosted by the Fawkes upstream project, and will involve members of the robotics SIG from this project and from the Player/Stage project. Finally the documentation is to be compiled which is provided as additional material to the user pointing the way and explaining the available components.

If the demonstration application cannot be finished in time, the spin is still useful because it provides a wealth of robotics software. Shortcuts to at least run the simulation with the available instruction tools can be achieved in a short time and will be prepared as fallback.

Spins Page

To be written upon approval.


Dive into robotics and simulate, operate, and develop robots.

Spin description

This spin provides a wealth of robotics software packages. These range from hardware accessory libraries for the Hokuyo laser scanners or Katana robotic arm to software systems like Fawkes or Player/Stage and simulation environments such as Gazebo and RoboCup Soccer Simulation Server 2D/3D. It also provides a ready to use development environment for robotics including useful libraries such as OpenCV computer vision library, Festival text to speech system and MRPT. The spin is targeted at people just discovering their interest in robotics as well as experienced roboticists. For the former we provide a readily usable simulation environment with an introductory hands-on demonstration, for the latter many software packages are installed and ready to be used immediately.


To be done.

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We hope for help by the Fedora arts department upon approval.

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  • Mailing list robotics at lists dot fedoraproject anotherdot org
  • #fedora-robotics channel on Freenode

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We hope for help by the Fedora arts department upon approval.

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