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The Project

My project is testing fedpkg library using nose unittest frameworks. The set up of SBR600 project is to do three step releases: 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3. The first release is really about to learn the necessary tools. In my project, the main focus is Python scripting language. The second release is to working towards the direction of the project. But the outcome doesn't have to be complete or even anything significant. The final release has to make some sense.

The fedpkg program

fedpkg is a component within Fedora Packager. It is a python library and cli front end for managing Fedora packages within Fedora's git system.

Release 0.1

The release 0.1 is a demonstration of how to use nose to test some python script. The script I wrote is to work with list object.

Release 0.2

The release 0.2 is testing some functions in fedpkg library. I used unittest framework. I wasn't, however, understand well on the unittest setup. So that release just shown some knowledge of fedpkg code and some knowledge of unittest functions.

Release 0.3

The release0.3 is really testing some library functions in fedpkg program.

The course SBR600