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Thank you for stopping by Fedora Booth. Your Fedora T-Shirts are on your way!

Fedora Events: SCALE 5X

The fifth annual Southern California Linux Expo was held on Saturday and Sunday, February 10-11, 2007 at The Westin Los Angeles Airport.

Date and Time

  • February 10-11, 2007 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 9 AM to 5 PM (Fedora Booth Hours)



  • The event has ended; so registration for it is no longer applicable.


  • ThomasChung

Confirmed Attendee

Please add yourself if you're planning to attend.

  • ThomasChung - Fedora Project Booth (#16)
  • SamFolkWilliams - Speaker at the event
  • PeterGordon

Announcements from SCALE


  • 2007-02-09 FC6 DVD, FC6 Updates DVD and FC6 Live CD will be sold at the Fedora Project Booth (#16).
  • 2007-01-14 Received Fedora Exhibitor Kit from Vendor
  • 2006-12-15 Received Promotional Code from Vendor
  • 2006-12-15 Submitted a request for 200 DVDs and 100 T-shirts
  • 2006-10-30 Confirmed registration from Vendor
  • 2006-10-27 Contacted Vendor