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SEMODULE_EXPAND(8)                    NSA                   SEMODULE_EXPAND(8)

semodule_expand - Expand a SELinux policy module package.

semodule_expand [-V -c [version]   basemodpkg outputfile

semodule_expand  is a developer tool for manually expanding a base pol-
icy module package into a kernel binary policy file.  This tool is  not
necessary  for  normal operation of SELinux.  In normal operation, such
expanding is performed internally by libsemanage in response to  semod-
ule  commands.   Base policy module packages can be created directly by
semodule_package or by semodule_link (when linking together  a  set  of
packages into a single package).

-V     verbose mode

-c [version] 
policy version to create

checkmodule(8), semodule_package(8), semodule(8), semodule_link(8) (8),

This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>.
The program was written by Karl MacMillan <>, Joshua Brindle <>

Security Enhanced Linux            Nov 2005                 SEMODULE_EXPAND(8)