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Fedora Events: Software Freedom Day 2010 - Hamburg, Germany

About SoftwareFreedomDay

Like every year the Lug Balista from Hamburg starts an event called "SoftwareFreedomDay" in Hamburg. This year fedora will attend there for the first time.

Date & Location

  • Saturday the 18th of September 2010
  • Bürgerhaus in Barmbek, Lorichsstraße 28a, Hamburg, Germany OpenStreetMap


  • Michael Spahn
  • Dominic Hopf (attends, but also at the FSFE both.)

What we have

  • Fedora CDs KDE/Gnome/Xfce/Lxde/Installation
  • Presentation Laptop


Lan connection, a table, a board and chairs are given us by the organisation.

SWAG Ticket for media request is open.