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3D Printing SIG

The Fedora 3D Printing SIG's goal is to make Fedora the best platform for 3D printing.


Member Printers you have access to Main activity in the SIG
Miro Hrončok RebeliX, Prusa, Lulzbot TAZ 4 and Mini, Ciclop 3D scanner, iBox Nano packaging, reviews, taking printers to events
DJ Delorie Rostock MAX V1
Jaroslav Škarvada RebeliX, Prusa i2/i3 package review, firmware hacking, can help with packaging


There is no formal process for participating; joining the mailing list, hanging out on IRC, or participating in meetings are all great ways to get involved.

A little self-introduction on the mailing list would be nice, too. And, if you want to, add yourself to our members-section above.

3D Printing Apps/Packages in Fedora

Packages with * are not maintained by the members of the SIG, but are important for us.

Packages waiting for your review

Currently none, feel free to add the link here or send an e-mail to our mailing list, if you have some new packages waiting for review.

Packages not yet in Fedora

Those packages are not yet ready to be in Fedora:

Packages that will never be in Fedora

Those packages are not able to be in Fedora, because they are not free software. Use alternate repositories to get them.

  • netfabb-basic
  • kisslicer

Mailing list


We hang out on at #fedora-3dprinting[?].


This SIG does not have regular meetings.