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Fedora Desktop SIG

Welcome! This is the home page for the Desktop SIG for Fedora. This page contains information about people and meetings, for information about features and projects, go to the other Desktop page or visit our playground.

Proposed Charter

  • The purpose of the Desktop SIG is to make Fedora a very good desktop distribution. The goal is to produce a more targeted desktop spin while maintaining traditional Fedora strengths such as security and commitment to free software.
  • The Desktop SIG will develop and release the "Fedora Desktop" live CD and will work with Fedora release engineering on propagation/distribution.
  • Releases of the "Fedora Desktop" live CD will follow Fedora release cycles.
  • The "Fedora Desktop" live CD will be composed of packages from the Fedora Package Collection. Fedora Project infrastructure will be used in all aspects. When appropriate, defaults may be changed to improve the user experience.
  • Replacing certain packages from the Fedora Package collection with rebuilt / different packages from a "Fedora Desktop" specific repository may occur temporarily, though this should be avoided whenever possible (see the next point). The model we have in mind here is the OLPC project, which manages to produce a vastly different user experience with just a handful of replaced packages.
  • The Desktop SIG will work with Fedora package maintainers to ensure that packages are configurable enough so that required changes can be made via configuration files. This is to reduce the need to fork/replace packages in a "Fedora Desktop" specific repository.



The mailing list is a good forum for Fedora Desktop related discussions.

Traditionally, the desktop team has been using the #fedora-desktop IRC channel on GimpNet, but many of us can also be found in the #fedora-devel[?] channel on


Our attempts at establishing weekly IRC meetings have not been successful. If you want to discuss questions related to the Fedora Desktop, please use the communication channels mentioned above.

Logs of previous meetings: