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Fedora Development SIG

Proposed Charter

  • The purpose of the Development SIG is to make Fedora a very good development distribution. The goal is to produce a great development distribution "out of the box" providing needed tools for both upstream developers and Fedora maintainers. We want to make it easy for developers -- both those experienced and new -- to get started developing with and for Fedora.
  • The Development SIG will develop and release the "Fedora for Developers" live image and will work with Fedora release engineering on propagation / distribution.
  • Releases of the "Fedora, Developer Edition" live image will follow Fedora release cycles.
  • The "Fedora, Developer Edition" live image will be composed from packages from the Fedora Package Collection. Fedora Project infrastructure will be used in all aspects. When appropriate, defaults may be changed to improve the user experience.

Fedora, Developer Edition details

You can find a complete package list here .

There is no F11 Dev spin, last was F10. Probably may not be for F12, that's realism not negativity. At the moment the sig appears to be me. (Feel free to participate) So am going to be going through the list (above),

Down the road a bit hope to organise a poll, and work out what programmers are using, as what shouldn't happen is *Frank likes this or that*. All within the context of Fedora goals\policies.

Currently looking at what IDE(s), are available, included or not.



I would like to see a specific devel apps-ide mailing list until then maybe: The mailing list

Traditionally, some of the initial participants have used the #fedora-java IRC channel on FreeNode but obviously #fedora-devel (also on FreeNode) is more appropriate.


Meetings will take place in the #fedora-meeting irc channel on Freenode, on Tuesdays at 18:00-19:00 UTC (2pm-3pm EDT) (see


Proposed agenda for the fourth meeting (2007-09-11):

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