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* [[User:Vukovinski|Filip Vukovinski (vukovinski)]]
* [[User:Vukovinski|Filip Vukovinski (vukovinski)]]
* [[User:Axeld|Abhiram K (Axeld)]]
* [[User:Axeld|Abhiram K (Axeld)]]
* [[User:Mythcat| Cătălin George Feștilă (mythcat)]]

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See the DotNet wiki page for details about dotnet packages and other useful info.

DotNet Special Interest Group

The DotNet SIG is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain .NET Core (and related) packages in Fedora.


The goal of this group is to help anyone interested in dotnet and to support others in creating and maintaining dotnet applications.


Joining the SIG

Should you wish to join the dotnet team, start by sending self-introduction email to our mailing list, and join our IRC channel #fedora-dotnet[?] When that's done, do show up in one of our meetings =)

Take a look at the Join page for more details!


The DotNet team meets bi-weekly (even week numbers) on the Freenode IRC #fedora-meeting[?] every other Thursday, at 16:30 CET / 10:30 ET (following DST) Check the Fedocal.

Meetings are logged by Meetbot and are available here.