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Education SIG Meetings

Meeting Time
Usual meeting time was set to Wednesday, 1600 UTC for now. We're going to use our own channel #fedora-edu instead of #fedora-meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, June 5 at 1700 UTC on #fedora-edu

Last Meeting: Wednesday, January 14 at 1600 UTC on #fedora-edu

Agenda & Tasks


Needs to be updated with notes about decisions for each topic.

  • the F11 EDU spin and mainly our plans for F12 (application discussion)
  • collaboration with POSSE
  • collaboration with Sugar Labs
  • collaboration with OLPC
  • collaboration with existing k12osn interest group (what is the difference between them and us?)
  • how to promote the spin to make people aware of it
    • explain the difference between fedora spin and kubuntu
    • mechanisms for getting enduser feedback?

Action items

  • mchua to ask mailing list to read f12 goals and add packages/feature requests to a list on the wiki, so we can make size-cutoff decisions once we see what each option would let us include
  • mchua ditto above for outreach ideas, and to make sure POSSE profs remain tightly in the loop for f12 spin development
  • sdziallas to keep SL in the loop
  • hanthana to ping mchua on #fedora on Monday to make feature-request survey to send to KarlieRobinson and Math4 class (and possibly others)
  • rdieter, sdziallas, gregdek, and others at FUDCon Berlin to get together at FUDCon Berlin
  • sdziallas to announce what we're going to do for the f12 spin to k12osn
Task Owner Status
get feedback for F11 spin and learn how to improve it sdziallas work in progress
remove KDE from the list of selectable desktop environments sdziallas to be done
distribution and marketing (including workshops and other events) hanthana work in progress
ask for an education spin bugzilla component sdziallas to be done
request special artwork (request located here) sdziallas work in progress
set up some kind of documentation with FAQs or further information to be done
get more educational apps into Fedora (see the wishlist here) to be done
add your idea here to be done