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Education SIG Meetings

Meeting Time
Usual meeting time was set to Wednesday, 1600 UTC for now. We're going to use our own channel #fedora-edu instead of #fedora-meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, June 12 at 1700 UTC on #fedora-edu (preliminary)

Last Meeting: Friday, June 5 at 1700 UTC on #fedora-edu

Agenda & Tasks


Needs to be updated with notes about decisions for each topic.

  • the F11 EDU spin and mainly our plans for F12 (application discussion)
  • collaboration with POSSE
  • collaboration with Sugar Labs
  • collaboration with OLPC
  • collaboration with existing k12osn interest group (what is the difference between them and us?)
  • how to promote the spin to make people aware of it
    • explain the difference between fedora spin and kubuntu
    • mechanisms for getting enduser feedback?

Action items

  • sdziallas to clean up wiki, meeting notes, new spin goals...
  • mchua to (after sdziallas's email) put up july 19 spin roadmap, based on steps
  • mchua to (after roadmap is up) ask mailing list to read july 19 goals and add packages/feature requests to a list on the wiki, so we can make size-cutoff decisions once we see what each option would let us include
  • mchua ditto above for outreach ideas, and to make sure POSSE profs remain tightly in the loop for spin development
  • sdziallas to keep SL in the loop
  • hanthana to ping mchua on #fedora on Monday to make feature-request survey to send to KarlieRobinson and Math4 class (and possibly others)
  • rdieter, sdziallas, gregdek, and others at FUDCon Berlin to get together at FUDCon Berlin
  • sdziallas to announce what we're going to do for the july 19 spin to k12osn