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= Tasks and Roadmap =
{{admon/note|This is a note|Please see our [[SIGs/Education/Meetings|agenda]] now, as the roadmap has been moved there.}}
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| '''Task''' || '''Status'''
| just do more marketing (post to mailing lists, inform educational institutions, ask for feedback) || to be done
| release a first preview spin for F9 || done
| get the Edu Math Spin officially approved for F10 (see [[SIGs/Education/EducationLive|here]] and [[Features/EducationMathSpin|here]]) || done
| talk about spins for F11 (science spin?) || to be done
| request special artwork for the upcoming edu spins || work in progress (request located [[Artwork/DesignService#Fedora_Education|here]])

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This is a note
Please see our agenda now, as the roadmap has been moved there.