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Fedora EDU Roadmap

This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Here are some ideas chronologically ordered concerning the future of the education SIG. If you have any further ideas or thoughts, please add them here. These were just the ideas, which came in my mind... please feel free to discuss them!

  1. prepare posts to fedora-list & fedora-devel-list to inform people about the education SIG and to give them an idea, what's happening here.
  2. publish a first spin *as soon as possible*
    • we decided to release a KDE-based, mathematics-related spin first for F9
    • this bug currently prevents us from going on
    • a kickstart file is almost ready
    • ask release engineering for final admission
  3. create features for F10 spins
    • create at least two spins (that fit on a CD) - they should both have the ability to log on to a terminal server (using tsclient, krdc or a similar solution)
      1. one for children, maybe using the Sugar interface (depending on how many activities we have in Fedora for F10 - or a GNOME desktop), including software like...
        • childsplay
        • tuxtype
        • tuxpaint
        • gcompris
        • etc
      2. another one for teenagers (relying on KDE or GNOME, depending on the dependencies and the space), including software (among the obvious applications - office & internet) like...
        • dia
        • planner
        • jokosher
        • blender
        • gimp
        • inkscape
        • bluefish
        • celestia
        • drgeo
        • etc (an idea is located here
      3. a third one, produced and maintained by Warren & the LTSP guys, released on a DVD - but it would still include further educational applications selected by the education SIG
    • possibly: ask the guys from the art team, whether somebody would like to create a special theme for an educational spin (with appropriate colours and so on)...
  4. inform universities & schools, as well as students & educators concerning their possibilities (organize talks...)
  5. create an educational portal, e.g. at or, where we might introduce programs and publish related articles, so that educators and further interested people could get an overview on what we're offering and on which software they may use...
    • talk about this on the mailing list (or in a meeting)
    • possibly: create a ticket for infrastructure team