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= Games Live DVD =
#REDIRECT [[Games Spin]]
Fedora Games spin is a custom variant of Fedora targeted at Linux gamers.  Fedora Games Spin demonstrates the gaming potential of Fedora without altering user's existing configuration.  This Live DVD also allows installation to hard disk or USB flash.
Please submit any must-have games/utilites to the list below, and propose suggestions to
[ fedora-games-list] .
== Download Fedora Games Spin ==
== Current Games Spin page ==
== Release Notes ==
* Just a installable Live DVD for now. Might have a Live CD in the future.
* A dialog box for 3d games in Fedora when DRI is not available to help new users. (see the README in opengl-games-utils).
* A autodownloader for gaming content for some Fedora games.
* Many 3D-intensive games, both on a "best-foot forward" theory and to act as a sort of hardware purchasing Shibboleth.  Take the disc to the store.  If the card you're considering won't run your favorite games with free and open source drivers, you'll know and can opt for another card.
* Not just more mainstream action/puzzle/strategy games, but some educational and kid's games, as well as simulators.
* Game Spin specific theme, release notes and Firefox bookmarks are being considered for a future spin.
== Open Questions ==
* Review and compare with other gaming distros?
== Kickstart File ==
You can customize the games spin or roll your own.  As root user, run
yum install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts
livecd-creator --config /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livedvd-games.ks
* kickstart files are maintained at
== Other Linux Gaming Distributions ==
* List of gaming distros -

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