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KDE 4.7 Packaging

Upstream tarballs of KDE SC 4.7 totally changed, see [4.6.3] vs [4.6.80]. This page tries to describe what has been changed.

You can use something like following command to check what was changed:

diff -u <(tar -tjf /path/to/old/tarball-4.6.3.tar.bz2 | sed 's#^[^/]*/##g') <(tar -tjf /path/to/new/tarball-4.6.80.tar.bz2 | sed 's#^[^/]*/##g')


  • katepart is missing, move kate-%{version}/part to ./kate


kdebase was renamed to kde-baseapps

  • konq-plugins is new
  • konsole is missing
  • kwrite is missing, move kate-%{version}/kwrite to ./kwrite


kdebase-runtime was renamed to kde-runtime


kdebase-workspace was renamed to kde-workspace