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Outdated content
This page and all the sub-pages are outdated. They are kept here for reference. See the main KDE SIGs page for up to date content.
This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

KDE Live Images

Since Fedora 7 we release a LiveCD with the best packages from KDE. This LiveCD offers the great user experience in testing KDE on Fedora. And it also provides the option to install the LiveCD directly to your hard drive.

Current version

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Fedora 8 is coming soon. In the past we have already had three test releases:

And the work is going on to release the final version

Comparison between GNOME and KDE

This is a short list of the gui applications on both livecds. We should try to offer equvalent functionality (or more than that) one the KDE-LiveCD. The comparison is based on Fedora 8 Test 2. The KDE applications in brackets weren't included in Test 2 but will maybe included in Test 3/Final.

Application type GNOME KDE
Archive manager file-roller ark
Bittorrent transmission (ktorrent)
Burning Applications nautilus, rhythmbox k3b
Calculator gnome-calculator kcalc
CD Exractor sound-juicer kaudiocreator
CD-Player gnome-cd kscd
Clipboard manager - klipper
Data management - kexi
Desklets - superkaramba
Desktop effects compiz beryl
Desktop sharing - krfb
Dictionary gnome-dictionary -
Disk usage analyzer baobab filelight
Document viewer evince kpdf, kghostview kdvi
Download manager - kget
File browser nautilus konqueror
Games gnome-games kdegames
GnuPG-Frontend - kgpg
Image manipulation gimp (koffice-krita)
Image viewer gthumb, eog kuickshow, digikam, showfoto, kview
Instant Messenger pidgin kopete
IP Telephony ekiga twinkle
IRC-Chat pidgin konversation
Movie player totem kaffeine
Music player rhythmbox amarok
Networkmanager NetworkManager knetworkmanager
Newsreader - akregator
Notes tomboy knotes, kjots
Partitioning gparted gparted
Phone manager gnome-phone-manager kandy, kpilot
PIM evolution kontact
Power manager gnome-power-manager kpowersave
Presentation - kpresenter
Scanning utility - kooka
Spreadsheat gnumeric kspread
System log viewer gnome-system-log -
System Monitor gnome-system-monitor ksysguard
Terminal gnome-terminal konsole
Text editor gedit kwrite, kedit, kate
Time tracking & Alarm - karm, kalarm, ktimer
Usenet - knode
Webbrowser firefox konqueror
Word processor abiword koffice-kword