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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • ChristopherStone (XulChris)
  • RahulSundaram (mether)
  • CyberSpy


  • There were no official agenda before the meeting has started.



DE Uniformity/Universal Theme:

  • There were lot of talks about that KDE should have matches for the gtk based system-config-tools and pup, pirut
  • If the nodoka-metacity-theme will stay for some releases it would be nice to port it to Qt3, Qt4, KDE3 and KDE4
  • The autohiding bug is only fixed in rawhide yet

Open discussion:

  • The "OnlyShowIn=KDE" issues should be removed from the desktop files already. If there's one missing it should be bugzilla'd
  • kftpgrabber was missing from comps.xml and is now marked as "default"
  • yast was suggested for inclusion in Fedora