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Meeting Time


  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl


  • topics to discuss:
  • KDE 4 LiveCD
  • kde-settings for kde 4
  • development progress: the road to kde4



KDE 4 LiveCD:

  • According to the thread on fedora-test-list the current live image has a lot of problems. Some of them are related to kde 4 itself (and hopefully be fixed in the final), some are related to current xserver in rawhide (vesa) and should be filed as bugs
  • KDE-4.0.0 would propably be shipped without composite support enabled by default (which "fixes" the problem with intel graphics)
  • KDE-4.0.0 is scheduled to be tagged tommorrow and to be released on 2008-01-11. After the inclusion into rawhide we should get new live images online


  • Upstream has decided to not show desktop icons by default
  • Besides default kickoff menu upstream will ship a "simple menu" as an alternative
  • Both things aren't part of current kde-3.97.0 and we should reconsider them after the final release and we see how they perform

development progress: the road to kde4:

  • new review requests for packages from extragear/playground:
  • #427185 : Okteta (a replacement for khexedit which isn't ported to KDE4)
  • other packages which aren't worked on: Wishlist
  • konq-plugins (from extragear/base, used to be in kdeaddons)
  • kiconedit (from extragear/graphics, used to be in kdegraphics)
  • kcoloredit (from extragear/graphics, used to be in kdegraphics)
  • kaudiocreator (from extragear/multimedia, used to be in kdemultimedia)
  • kmid (from extragear/multimedia, used to be in kdemultimedia)
  • ksig (from extragear/pim, used to be in kdeaddons)

Other things:

  • xsettings-kde: This packages provides a XSettings daemon to allow XSettings aware applications (all GTK+ 2 and GNOME 2 applications)

to be informed instantly of changes in KDE configuration. It currently is packaged in kde-redhat-testing repository until it is reviewed and included in fedora


(These comments are written after the meeting)

  • #427442 - Disappearing nm-applet on the live image (gtk2 bug)