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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • FUDCon Brno report
    • KDE-4.1.1 status
    • Fedora 10 Beta (Release Schedule)
    • Echo Icon Theme will be default in F10, what will we use in KDE? (1, 2)
    • Fedora User Guide for F10 (1,2,3,4)



FUDCon Brno report

  • KevinKofler reported from the FUDCON in Brno.
  • The KDE-SIG was represented by KevinKofler, LukasTinkl and JaroslavReznik.
  • They held a presentation about the "pillars of KDE 4" with small examples of how to use them as a developer and gave an overview of the goals with KDE4 in Fedora.

KDE-4.1.1 status

Fedora 10 Beta (Release Schedule)

  • Fedora 10 Beta will still use nm-applet for controlling NetworkManager.
  • The NetworkManager plasmoid isn't ready yet (it was scheduled for August).
  • Alternatives would be the KDE3 based and KDE4 based knetworkmanager (but the latter didn't get many development in the past).
  • SebastianVahl reported about the current state of the live images:
    • The Beta will likely come with this package list and this kickstart.
    • Main differences to the Alpha are: only @fonts (and so no additional fonts), without amarok (space issues)
    • kdelibs3 will still be on the live images (required by k3b, konversation, kftpgrabber, filelight, ksshaskpass)

Echo Icon Theme will be default in F10, what will we use in KDE?

  • RexDieter tested Echo as first fallback in Fedora-KDE (before Oxygen) and reported it was working well for KDE4 apps.
  • KDE3 apps still have to rely on CrystalSVG.
  • kde-settings will be prepared to use Echo in Rawhide for testing.

Fedora User Guide for F10

Additional notes


(These comments are written after the meeting)