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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Replacing gnome-packagekit with kpackagekit on KDE live images?
    • Release notes
    • artwork: kdm, ksplash, kwin background
    • kde-4.1.2 status, ready for (stable) updates soon?
    • kde-4.2.x cvs import status, lvillani?
    • F10/rawhide testing



Replacing gnome-packagekit with kpackagekit on KDE live images?

  • kpackagekit will be proposed as default on Snapshot2.
  • If the testing doesn't go well this change will be reverted.
  • It wasn't decided during the meeting whether this only affects the live images or whether we also make the change in comps.

Release notes

  • The Release Notes were updated to match the current KDE desktop and should be complete now.
  • Unfortunately the Desktop User Guide is still outdated.
  • We'll try chop this into smaller pieces to get this fixed soon (though any help here is appreciated).
  • JaroslavReznik will coordinate these efforts.

artwork: kdm, ksplash, kwin background:

  • KSplash: only widescreen display support is missing.
  • KDM: work is still ongoing.
  • The backgrounds have to be packaged for KSplash and KDM.

kde-4.1.2 status, ready for (stable) updates soon?:

  • The issue with kioslaves not dying on exit was fixed today.
  • KDE 4.1.2 will be pushed to stable on Friday if no other blockers appear.
  • After that the autohide backport for plasma's panel will be pushed to testing.

kde-4.2.x cvs import status:

  • According to LorenzoVillani, KDE 4.1.69 is building fine except kdebindings and kdebase.
  • The Fedora patches have to be re-checked if they all apply correctly.
  • Also the specfiles should be reviewed before actually getting imported into CVS.

F10/rawhide testing:

  • (please see the log file for a list of short statements)


(These comments are written after the meeting)