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Meeting Time





usermode-gtk and system-config-tools in KDE (#466768):

  • Most of the system-config-tools are missing a dependency on usermode-gtk.
  • But this one is needed to make the package work as a non-root user.
  • We'll have to file bugs against each system-config-tool for the missing dependency.
  • As a temporary workaround usermode-gtk will be manually included in the KDE live images.

Preparing the final development freeze (2008-10-28):

  • KDE should be in a good shape for the final release of Fedora 10.
  • We'll consider some backports for kdepim which were published by upstream after KDE 4.1.2.

Panel autohide:

  • An update of kdebase-workspace with backported autohide functionality for plasma's panel is queued for updates-testing (but not pushed yet).
  • This update also fixes all but one known problems with this functionality (for the missing one we're awaiting feedback from the reporter)

Solar artwork:


(These comments are written after the meeting)