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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE-4.2.0 updates status: queued/pending




  • KDE-4.2.0 updates status: queued/pending
    • F-9 kde-settings KDM glitch
      • jreznik is going to fix it
    • libfli and libindi reviews - 4.2 blocker
      • jreznik is going to review them
      • libv4l patch for libindi
    • libv4l patch for Kopete
      • jreznik is going to commit patch to rawhide
      • may cause regression - needs to be tested
      • upstreamable patch in progress
      • xine-lib needs patch too
  • acpid: Leave power button to KDE's power-management applet
    • powerdevil is KDED module
    • dbus can be used but needs dbus session org.kde.powerdevilsystem interface
    • acpid should be omitted from kde-spin
    • kded4 process running check is recommended solution now
  • open discussion - flags
    • KDE-SIG is for including flags as upstream do
    • legal problem - KDE-SIG need to talk to legal/board/FESCo?
    • it's RH legal advise
    • spot is going to draft a recommendation on handling it for FESCo


(These comments are written after the meeting)