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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • short status update of the KDE live images





  • For the time being there are no existing [Fedora 11 Blocker Bugs]
  • KDE 4.2.1 was pushed to updates-testing for F9 and F10 yesterday.
  • JaroslavReznik has some ideas for KDE related artwork for F11 (KDM, KSplash) and will bring them to the artwork list.

short status update of the KDE live images:

  • Kevin_Kofler modified kdebluetooth so that it provides "dbus-bluez-pin-helper". So gnome-bluetooth isn't pulled into the images anymore.
  • This package list will go into F11 Beta:
  • The x86_64 version will be under 700 megs this time.
  • kdebluetooth will also be added as "default" for the KDE Desktop in comps.


(These comments are written after the meeting)