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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Live images dependencies: breaking libcanberra-gtk2 dependency (see also
    • post-4.3.1 fixes
    • future of Phonon



Live images dependencies: breaking libcanberra-gtk2 dependency:

  • libcanberra-gtk2 has an explicit require on gdm due to directory ownership.
  • This drags in many gnome related packages on the KDE live images (gdm, evolution-data-server, gnome-session, xulrunner etc.).
  • A bug for this issue is already filed: #522998 - remove libcanberra-gtk2 dependency on gdm.

post-4.3.1 fixes:

  • Some bugfixes for KDE 4.3.1 will be pushed separately:
    • kdepim: Crash when autocompleting LDAP (kde#206024)
    • kdenetwork: kopete/bonjour patch (from the mailing list)
    • kdenetwork: krfb produces garbled display (#523131)

future of Phonon:

  • Deferred to next week, after getting upstream feedback and with the key KDE-SIG people present.

Open discussion:

  • F12-snapshot2 is missing constantine-kde-theme (reason unknown, it is present on SebastianVahl's current local spins).
  • KevinKofler needs a reviewer for kio_gopher (#523355). JaroslavReznik has volunteered.
  • python-mwclient needs to be packaged ASAP (#520954). StevenParrish has volunteered to take a look at it.