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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Final Fedora 12 artwork
    • Status of eigen2
    • qt-4.5.3: updates, F-12
    • soprano status: sesame, virtuoso
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



Final Fedora 12 artwork:

Status of eigen2:

  • eigen2 was downgraded to 2.0.6 in F-12 and all depending packages were rebuilt and tagged.

qt-4.5.3: updates, F-12:

  • RexDieter asked about the handling of qt-4.5.3 in F-12 (updates-testing vs. F-12 final).
  • 2 issues are known so far:
    • Problems with qt-4.5.3 and the qt4 build of Opera.
    • 3-star-echo-mode causes the auth dialogs to pause/freeze. (kde#211250)
  • F-12 final is preferred but awaiting feedback from ThanNgo first.

soprano status: sesame, virtuoso:

  • MaryEllenFoster gave a status update of her work on soprano-sesame2 backend:
  • Virtuoso will not be working properly until KDE 4.4. gets released or the relevant changes gets backported.
  • virtuoso-opensource-5.0.12 packages are built as updates in F-12.
  • soprano-2.3.65 with virtuoso support is built in devel branch (also available in kde-unstable repositories at kde-redhat).

Open discussion:

  • gtk-qt-engine was replaced by kcm-gtk.