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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Shaman 2 for Fedora? It's plugable package management tool by Dario Freddi, he asks for comments and what we want for Fedora (if we want to ship it, at least as optional package - he's working on PackageKit support right now)
    • soprano/sesame2 status report [1]
    • KDE 4.3.3 : in updates-testing, ready for stable updates ?
    • KDE 4.3.75
      • Builds almost done (kdebindings, kdepim, extragear left)
      • Issues:
        • kdelibs -- Battery patch for migration doesn't apply (drop? guidance and kpowersave are pretty dead...)
        • kdelibs -- Konsole menu item patch is obsolete (kde-settings may be able to fix this)
        • kdebindings -- Build failure; fails to find its own built libs (??)
        • kdepim -- takes forever, Rex working on patch (done)
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



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