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== Participants ==
== Participants ==
* [[User:MathStuf|BenBoeckel]]
* [[JaroslavReznik]]
* [[JaroslavReznik]]
* [[KevinKofler]]
* [[KevinKofler]]

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Meeting Time





Proposal: split of kdegames:

  • Following a proposal by upstream kdegames will introduce a new minimal subpackage which only contains kpat, kmines and kmahjongg.
  • The kdegames main package will include the remaining games and will require the minimal subpackage.
  • The live images will only contain kdegames-minimal to save space for more relevant packages.

Open discussion:

recent bugs

Bug 549687 - kdm: no autologin on first start:

  • We're still waiting for response from ConsoleKit maintainers.
  • The bug is now marked as a F13 Alpha blocker.