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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • (Kevin_Kofler) drop ABRT from the KDE spin
    • (rdieter) kde-l10n template, first draft
    • (rdieter) kde-4.3.5, kde-4.3.95 status updates
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)



roll call kde-4.3.5, kde-4.3.95 status updates

  • 4.3.95 f11 builds are done @ kde-redhat/unstable

kde-l10n-sl Slovenian vs Sierra Leone

  • AGREED: with kde-4.4, work to rename translations to kde-l10n-<locale>
  • AGREED: for f13+, also rename translations to kde-i18n-<locale>
  • kde-l10n-sl is really Slovenian

webkitpart, update or not for 4.3.5

  • ACTION: Kevin Kofler to patch/revert kdebase to support older/existing webkitpart

kde-l10n template

drop ABRT from the KDE spin?

  • Kevin Kofler brought some concerns:
    • most of our stuff is KDE apps which use KCrash/DrKonqi anyway
    • it reports crashes to downstream instead of upstream where they belong
    • it's a GTK+-based service running in the background
  • KDE SIG to sort down requirements for Abrt developers

recent bugs