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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.4.2
    • finish KOffice 2.2 decision
      • Beta 2 out, release is planned on Thursday 8th
    • get started on getting libvlc 1.1 into Rawhide (split into Fedora / RPM Fusion), for Phonon-VLC
    • split out libmediastreamer subpackages from linphone (we have the prereq version in F13 and Rawhide now) so Kopete can build against it
  • recent bugs:
    • (none)




  • everything should be done
  • Kevin_Kofler to serve as update wrangler for kde-4.4.2

KOffice 2.2 decision

split out libmediastreamer subpackages from linphone

  • for Kopete
  • HELP: volunteer to lead effort to split libmediastreamer from linphone (see also bug #490046)


  • we need to split (in xine-lib split style)
  • HELP: get vlc into fedora (and split into free/nonfree parts), usable by phonon-vlc

open discussion

recent bugs