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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • vlc/phonon-backend-vlc status update (rdieter)
  • recent bugs:



vlc/phonon-backend-vlc status update

  • Review request
    • spot did initial legal review
  • initial vlc/phonon-backend-vlc builds in kde-unstable repo
  • rdieter to continue to work with kwizart to get it into shape

enable kimplanel

  • status:
    • automatic detection of the required IBus backend in ibus.conf, subpackage, build without SCIM etc.
    • TBD: Plasma script to add the plasmoid to the panel
  • Kevin_Kofler will initially lead efforts to get kimpanel into shape

plasma pkg/provides naming

  • we need consistent Plasma packages naming
    • kde-plasma-* or plasma-* (as Plasma is known as KDE component)
    • virtual provides uses plasma-* already
  • what about data/script engines - do we want to mention it in package name?
    • splitting? provides?
  • rdieter to work on drafting some kde/plasma relating naming guidelines

recent bugs