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Meeting Time


The list of participants will be filled in after the meeting.

+ guests

  • adimania
  • gwerra


  • topics to discuss:
    • qt 4.6.3 update
    • Release criteria for KDE
    • FSC: KDE netbook spin
  • recent bugs:
    • this isn't new but my understanding is that the problem could be worked around by a change to qt - the grass/gdal maintainer is awol (and it isn't clear that he could be doing anything about the problem).


The transcript will be made available after the meeting.


qt 4.6.3 update

  • AGREED: to push qt 4.6.3 directly to stable as it's security update
    • has been blocked by non-public status of security bugs

Release criteria for KDE

  • QA has been asking us to look at the current release criteria
  • Kevin_Kofler to bring Release Criteria to KDE mailing list

FSC: KDE netbook spin

  • adimania and gwerra are working on KDE Netbook Spin [1] [2]
  • few questions raised
    • owner: KDE SIG
    • opinion for splits/removals of packages based on size constraints/usability etc.
      • review from KDE SIG required