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Meeting Time





4.5.5 & 4.6 rc2 status updates

  • kde-4.5.5 submitted to updates-testing
  • kde-4.5.95 built in rawhide, unofficial f14 builds in kde-unstable repo for more testing

updates for kdepim-4.4.9, digikam-1.7.0, kipi-plugins-1.7.0

  • ltinkl to submit bodhi updates for kdepim-4.4.9, kdepim-runtime-4.4.9, digikam-1.7.0, kipi-plugins-1.7.0


  • standalone nepomukcontroller missed 4.6, will get back in 4.7
    • ship it as a new package (prepared by jreznik) with proper Requires in kdebase-workspace
    • rdieter to review package later

Hat Developers Conference, Brno 2011

  • fedora-kde sig'ers or kde-upstream contributors encouraged to attend event, possibility of subsidies too


  • we can ship s-c-printer, fix s-c-printer-kde (dead upstream) or try to find what's the state of dantti's C++ version

open discussion

  • rdieter to work on KDE 4.6 feature
  • oxygen-gtk import
  • phonon-gstreamer dvd menus support
  • fun, fun :)