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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • F15 alpha rc1 out
      • Desktop Validation tests
    • Live image tweaks for Beta
      • (Re)add new packages to our spin (kickstart)
      • Lovelock theme
  • recent bugs:



F15 alpha rc1 out

  • jreznik is running Desktop Validation tests Test_Results:Current_Desktop_Test
  • current spins size is evil 666 MiB for 64 bit, 667 MiB for 32 bit
    • we don't want to touch it before Alpha Gold
  • Plasma logout crasher would be nice to have but it's not a blocker and 4.6.1 will be tagged this week (Thu 24)

Live image tweaks for Beta

  • we have some free space on live CD
    • 2 sets of "nice to have" packages
      • stuff that's explicitly dropped from the CD: amarok, digikam, ktorrent
      • new stuff that can be added: kamoso (once it passes review), krusader, ???
    • Amarok and Digikam are preferred apps
      • but we are not sure we will have space for both (Digikam pulls Marble with big datasets)
  • AGREED: on priority being: 1. Amarok, 2. Digikam if it fits, 3. ktorrent, 4. other stuff
    • discuss the "other stuff" once we agreed on the highest priority items
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to do kickstart tweaks
  • krusader for 1G image as it duplicates Dolphin functionality
  • kamoso as optional for F15, default for F16
    • it's still alpha, we need more testing but we'd like to have it one day


  • jreznik is trying to package UPnP stack
    • qtsoap bundled in herqq, dependency for kio-upnp-ms